Manual Handling Level 2 e-Learning Course

Manual Handling Level 2 e-Learning Course

Manual Handling injuries are the cause of most lost working days in the UK, with sprains and strains due to the incorrect lifting and moving of objects causing most suffering to employees.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent Regulations require that employees are provided with information and training and this general requirement should be supplemented with specific training and information on manual handling.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations do not set any weight limits for lifting and carrying loads and amendments in 2002 clearly now require employees to have adequate or appropriate knowledge or training.

The Regulations will apply to nearly all work activities from offices to care homes and factories. There will be different risks associated with different sectors and the Manual Handling e-Learning Course offers learning outcomes which are suitable for all.

The e-Learning Course provides an effective means of ensuring that employees are aware of their responsibilities and have understood the principles of the safe moving and lifting of loads.

Course Content

Roles and responsibilities for health, safety and welfare in the workplace
  • Employers and employees duties relating to health, safety and welfare at work
  • The consequences for noncompliance with health and safety legislation
  • The requirements for training and competence in the workplace
  • The ways in which health and safety information can be communicated
How risk assessments contribute to health and safety
  • The terms ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’
  • The process for carrying out a risk assessment
  • How risk assessment can be used to reduce accidents and ill health at work
How to identify and control the risks from common workplace hazards
  • The hazards that may be found in a range of workplaces
  • How hazards can cause harm or damage to people, work processes, the workplace and the environment
  • The principle of the risk control hierarchy
  • Examples of risk controls for common workplace hazards
The procedures for responding to accidents and incidents in the workplace
  • The common causes of workplace accidents and ill health
  • The actions that might need to be taken following an incident in the workplace
  • The arrangements that should be in place in a workplace for emergencies and first aid
  • Why it is important to record all incidents, accidents and ill health

Manual Handling Level 2 e-Learning Course

The Manual Handling Level 2 e-Learning Course is aimed at all employees. It is intended for those already in workplaces and those who are preparing to start or return to work. It is also very useful for young persons to raise their ability to identify and understand hazards when preparing for work experience and into employment.

Persons completing this course will know that health and safety is the responsibility of everyone within a business, its contractors, visitors and suppliers. Its subject areas are regarded by the Health and Safety Executive as being important to maintaining safe working procedures in the workplace.


Successful candidates will receive a Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling


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